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Integrated High-risk Pregnancy Clinic

Tel: 09-8609592

Appointment scheduling times: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

West Wing, Obstetrics Building, 3rd floor

Dr. Hussein Odeh, Dr. Yael Yekel – Clinic Director

Dr. Nimrod Weizmann, Dr. Yosef Barzel

Physician consultants in various fields:

Dr. Mark Niven – Endocrinology and Diabetes

Dr. Moshe Shashar – Nephrology and Hypertension

Prof. Avi Shotan – Cardiology

Dr. Irena Yufa – Hematology

Dr. Talia Fein – Infectious Diseases

Dr. George Hab – Rheumatology

Dr. Shoshana Hadar – Neurology

Dr. Tatiana Boikaner – Pulmonology