Electronic access to the library database outside the hospital

Electronic access to the library database outside the hospital

Databases, e-books, journals are accessible only to the hospital staff and are not accessible to the general public.
To access the library databases outside the hospital , a username and password is required.


Hospital staff use the hospital’s e-mail address:

  • The hospital staff use the hospital’s internal e-mail address to register https://ilmedlib.com/ldap/?group_id=laniado
  • On the website, write the name, the e-mail address and choose whether the name of the hospital: “Laniado Hospital”, click on registration.
  • Immediately after receiving a notification to confirm the registration.
  • Confirmation of registration, the code arrives in the e-mail. Only after 60 minutes of receiving the email, you can access the hospital’s databases.
  • Go to the website: http://laniado-ez.medlcp.tau.ac.il and enter the username and password there in order to enter the library website.

It is important !

  • The code is personal and non-transferable!
  • You must register only once – if you register more than once with this e-mail, you must log in with the last password, otherwise there will be access problems.
  • The code and password must be saved. If you forget your password, register again.

The hospital staff, who use Walla, Gmail and similar e-mails:

  • After registration and confirmation of registration, a message is sent to the director of the library, in which a request is made to confirm the eligibility of the applicants, to identify a code for access to the institution’s databases – to enable the granting of permits or their rejection.
  • In order to confirm the identity of the applicant, send an email to Libor@laniado.org.il or call the library at 09-8604711 Yaffe/Hana and give the following details: name of the hospital employee, department, cell phone number, email address.
  • Only confirmation of the eligibility of the applicants by the library director – will send an email to the applicants with the code and password.
  • If the applicants are not allowed to access the hospital’s electronic databases, you will receive a notification to that effect – after they have been rejected by the library director.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact the director of the library (Yafa or Hana). Phone: 09-8604711, email: Libor@laniado.org.il .

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