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The Minister of Health paid a visit to Laniado Hospital in Netanya

Moshe Arbel, Minister of Health, is continuing a series of tours of hospitals in Israel, and today (Tuesday) he visited Laniado Hospital in Netanya. minister met with the hospital CEO, Nadav Chen, the Medical Director, Prof. Zvi Shimoni, the Head Nurse, Esther Shir and the medical staff.

During the visit, Minister Arbel scrutinized the new intensive care department that is expected open next month, toured the Department of Emergency Medicine and received a review of the impressive success of the recovery plan completed by the hospital several days ago. The review also included the challenges the hospital has to address, due to the population increase, as well as the progress made by the facility in recent years on the professional and service quality levels.

A member of the Health Committee – MK Moshe Roth and senior Ministry of Health professionals participated in the tour.

Minister of Health, Moshe Arbel: “Laniado Hospital is an example of a community medical facility that provides essential medical services to about half a million residents of Netanya and the Sharon region. I was pleased to meet the hospital’s dedicated medical staff and was impressed by the vision and long-term thinking presented to me by the management. The hospital has completed a recovery plan admirably and at the same time, increased its capabilities against a background of an increase in population. I appreciate it. Under my leadership, the Ministry of Health will continue to guide the hospital and ensure it has the tools to continue to succeed.”

Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado Hospital: “Thank you Minister Moshe Arbel and the Health Ministry staff for your visit. We’re about to open a new intensive care department next month. This is great news for the residents of Netanya and the Sharon region. But we aren’t resting on our laurels and are starting work on our flagship project in the coming years – building a fortified emergency medicine hospital. I’m convinced all parties, and primarily the Minister of Health and ministry staff, will support the project to the extent possible.”